has been a recurring theme in the 

career of The One And Only Bill Davis. It is a favorite catch-phrase of his, and he has been known to yell this between songs at shows where a band gives a particularly fine performance. Bill also used this phrase as the name of his first demo album. His goals have always centered around making great music and delivering unforgettable performances. People can talk over great music, but a great performance keeps the audience engaged.  ​

Very Entertaining Records came to be after Bill made his first professional recording, Once Upon A Time, In Nashville..., a collaboration with seasoned sound engineer Steven Crowder.

Bill and Steven have played together in multiple bands, including (but not limited to) Hard Rock Zombies, Pizza Party USA, and Thumbs UP!

Bill has recorded two EPs with Steven live at RCA Studio B, and VER alumni Charles Butler and Jeff Blaney have also utilized his talents for their records.

Steven and Bill inside the control room at RCA Studio B.