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5X Beaver performs classic Country and Western songs that have left a lasting impression on The One & Only Bill Davis (lead vocals and acoustic guitar).

The band is comprised of some of Nashville's finest players, including Shade Kling (bass), Cody Campbell (piano), Chris Bauer (pedal steel), Ramsey Roustom (drums), Garrett Stoner (electric guitar), and Melanie Davis (percussion and BGVs). It's Bill's goal to deliver faithful renditions of these classic songs with the help of these talented musicians.

5X Beaver is an introduction for some and a reminder for others of lesser-played gems from the American Songbook. 

*Cowboy hats are measured in the number of beaver pelts they contain. Five beaver pelts, or 5X beaver, is the number of pelts it takes to make a hat waterproof.

5X Beaver at Dee's on Wednesdays
5X Beaver at Dee
5X Beaver performing @ The Night Owl
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